Feedlot FAQs

I have to register my feedlot again?

Yes you have to register your feedlot with the Feedlot Office every Four years. (Minnesota Rule Chapter 7020)  The Feedlot Office will send you a Re-registration form in the mail with a letter of instruction. Fill it out and return it to the Feedlot Office. P.O. Box 655 Preston, MN 55965

How do I know if I have to fix my feedlot?

The County Feedlot Officer will conduct a site visit to determine if you are in compliance or not. You may call the Feedlot Office to set up a site visit also.  Ph: 507-765-2539

What if I cannot afford to fix my feedlot?

There is cost share money available through the Soil and Water Conservation District 507-765-3878 Ext: 123 and talk with Anne Koliha.  Currently there is additional cost share money available through the County Feedlot Office at 50% up to $5,000.00 whichever is less.

What if I don’t have animals anymore at my feedlot or what if I sold my feedlot to someone else?

Contact the Feedlot Office and let them know the Date that you last had animals, or if you sold to someone else that person needs to fill out a Change of Ownership form at the Feedlot Office.

If I don’t have animals anymore, will I lose my registration status?

No your registration will still be good for five (5) years from the date that you last had animals. (If your infrastructure is still in place after 5 years you will still be able to bring back your registration. but if you take the infrastructure out and then want to start over after five (5) years you will have to meet all of the Zoning Setbacks).