Highway Construction

SAP 23-605-035  


SAP 23-601-030  *Awarded to Minnowa Construction, Inc.

SAP 23-599-197  *Awarded to Minnowa Construction, Inc.


SP 23-601-033  *Awarded to Croell, Inc.


SAP 23-604-005  *Awarded to Alcon Excavating, Inc.


SAP 23-600-006  *No award-will rebid in 2020


SP 23-612-041  *Awarded to ICON Constructors

LOST 115P-1  *Bid awarded to Rochester Sand & Gravel


SAP 23-601-029   *Awarded to Structural Specialties, Inc.


SAP 023-599-150  *Awarded to ICON Constructors, LLC

SAP 023-592-002    *Awarded to Swenke Ims Contracting


SAP 23-592-003   *Awarded to Rochester Sand & Gravel


SAP 23-599-198   *Awarded to Minnowa Construction

SAP 23-599-201 & SAP 23-599-204  *Awarded to Alcon Construction


LOST-2P-1, LOST-8P-1, LOST-38P-1, WT-8P-1, WT-9P-1, WT-14P-1, WT-15P-1, WT-20P-1, WT-27P-1  Bituminous Seal Coat & Fog Seal-*Awarded to Allied Blacktop Company*


SAP 23-601-035 & SAP 23-603-004

SAP 23-601-034/SAP 55-601-021   **Awarded to PCI Roads LLC**