How do I sign up for a GIS subscription?

Subscription access requires a setup fee along with an annual fee. Fill out the application form to subscribe to the subscription GIS website.

How do I change or reset my GIS password?

Call the GIS Coordinator at 507-765-2806

What is GIS?

The Fillmore County Assessor's Office and the GIS
(Geographic Information Systems) Office work closely together to provide a
variety of services. The objective of the GIS office is to develop, implement,
and maintain a GIS database for the county departments, local government
agencies, private companies, and the general public. The County GIS Coordinator
is responsible for obtaining the necessary data for the county, performing
quality control of the data, GIS layer development, and for the maintenance of
the overall GIS system. The resulting GIS will have an effective land records
management system that facilitates information gathering and provides accurate
and timely information to the county departments and public.