Subscription-Based Viewing

Subscription-Based Viewsing

Set up fee and annual fee required - See application form for further details - 69KB [PDF]
  • All data available to the public (shown at right)
  • New E911 Drivepoints
  • Parcel Layer with AS400 Information
    • General Parcel Information
      • Owner, Address, Acres, Legal Description, School District, Twp.
      • CAMA Land Report (A-B-C Land Values)
      • Parcel Sales Report
      • Valuation Information (building, land, machine values)
      • Tax Information (gross taxable value, net taxes due)
      • Receipt Information (tax payments, dates, and amount)
  • Feedlots
  • Qtr/Qtr Section Lines
  • 2006 Aerial Imagery
  • 2003 Aerial Imagery
  • Soils
  • CER
  • Tax Information
Complete and submit application form - 121KB [PDF] to begin process.  Application and subscription fee are required in order to obtain a logon and password.  Log in and password are required for access.