Child Support Services

Establishing Parentage

Establishing parentage is a process to create a legal relationship between a child and the child's parent when no legal relationship previously existed.

Establishing Support Orders

Establishment is a process to obtain a court order that sets the amount of support the obligor must pay.

Enforcing Support Orders

Enforcement is the application of remedies to obtain payment of a support obligation contained in a support order.

Reviewing and Adjusting Support Orders

Review and adjustment is the process in which information is obtained from both parties in a child support case and evaluated to determine if the support order needs to be adjusted for changes in the child support obligation.

Locating Parents

To establish, modify or enforce a support order, the child support agency must have a current address or employment information for both parents. If the child support agency does not know where a parent lives or works, the child support agency can gather information from many sources.

Payment Processing

The Child Support Payment Center (CSPC) processes support payments in Minnesota. Payments can be sent to: Minnesota Child Support Payment Center, PO Box 64326, St. Paul, MN 55164-0326. The obligor's participant number should be included with every payment. Sending payments to a county child support office will delay the payment. Sending a payment directly to an obligee when the child support agency is handling the case may result in the obligor not getting credit for the payment.