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November 13


The Board of County Commissioners of Fillmore County, Minnesota met in regular session this 13th day of November, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners' Board Room, Fillmore County Courthouse, in the City of Preston.

The following members were present: Commissioners Mitch Lentz, Duane Bakke, Randy Dahl, Gary
Peterson and Marc Prestby. Also present were: Bobbie Vickerman, Coordinator/Clerk-Auditor/Treasurer; Doug Lind, Fillmore County Ag Society; Aaren Mathison, Fillmore County Ag Society; Darrell Schmitt, Engineer Technician Supervisor, Highway; Brent Kohn, Maintenance Superintendent, Highway; Bonita Underbakke; Karen Reisner, Fillmore County Journal, and Gretchen Mensink, Republican Leader.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

On motion by Prestby and seconded by Peterson, the agenda was unanimously approved.

On motion by Bakke and seconded by Dahl, the Board unanimously approved the following Consent Agenda:
1.  November 6, 2018 County Board amended minutes.

On motion by Prestby and seconded by Dahl, the Board unanimously approved payment of the following Commissioners' warrants:

The Auditor's warrants were reviewed.

Aaren Mathison and Doug Lind from the Fillmore County Agricultural Society gave an update on cement project at the Fairgrounds. Lind thanked the Board for the donation and Coordinator Vickerman and Highway Engineer Gregg for assisting in the process.

Darrell Schmitt, Engineer Technician Supervisor, and Brent Kohn, Maintenance Superintendent, were present.

On motion by Bakke and seconded by Prestby, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:
RESOLUTION 2018-051: Final payment to Minnowa Construction, Inc. in the sum of $6,870.44 for SAP 23-599-198, Sumner Township

On motion by Bakke and seconded by Dahl, the Board unanimously approved the purchase of the following skid loader attachments, the Bobcat hydraulic hammer in the amount of $6,114.50, the Bobcat auger in the amount of $1,967.43 and the Ziegler 72" land plane in the amount of $2,938.00 as recommended by the Maintenance Superintendent for the Highway Department.

On motion by Bakke and seconded by Dahl, the Board unanimously approved the voting delegates and committee representation for Association of Minnesota Counties 2018 Annual Meeting as listed:
AMC Annual Meeting Voting Delegates:
1. Mitch Lentz, Commissioner
2. Duane Bakke, Commissioner
3. Gary Peterson, Commissioner
4. Randy Dahl, Commissioner
5. Bobbie Vickerman, Coordinator
6. Kevin Olson, Social Services Manager
7. Jessica Erickson, Director of Nursing
8. Heidi Jones, Auditor/Treasurer elect

AMC Annual Policy Committee Representatives:
Randy Dahl – General Government & Taxes
Kevin Olson – Health and Human Services
Duane Bakke – Environment & Natural Resources
Gary Peterson – Public Safety
Mitch Lentz – Transportation & Infrastructure

A review of the calendar was done and the following committee reports and announcements were given: Dahl: None. Peterson/Prestby: Emergency Management & Safety Committee – employee accident report reviewed, hazard mitigation, October drills, Courthouse Security update, continuity of operations plan and numbering of doorways. Bakke: Fillmore County Corrections Task Force – flash drive issue with inmate computer, update on pretrial tools and processes, Nehemiah will no longer provide the chemical dependency group training and reviewed activities from Domestic Violence Awareness month. Bakke/Lentz: Department Head meeting – Marco gave a presentation and question/answer, discussed things we can do better and how to move forward, centralized purchasing of cleaning and general supplies, legislative priorities and upcoming meeting with the legislators on December 18th at 9:30 a.m. Bakke: Veterans Home meeting – slide show was presented regarding the general area of the building and entrance, discussed amenities and the discussion led to the fact that the Veterans Home funding will only allow a 54 unit home versus the original plan for a 72 unit home.

The Citizen's Input portion of the meeting was opened and closed at 9:59 a.m.

Commissioner Prestby received a letter congratulating Jessica Erickson on appointment for Community Health Services Administrator.

On motion by Bakke and seconded by Dahl, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 10:01 a.m.