Auditor/Treasurer Services

County Finances

The Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer is responsible for management of the county's finances. These responsibilities include:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash management and investment of county funds
  • Debt Management
  • Monitors and manages all County bank accounts and reconciliation
  • Provides financial guidance for the County Board of Commissioners and all County Departments
  • Prepares the County's annual financial statements:
  • Provides financial information to the State and Federal Government


*New For Fillmore County Vendors*

Fillmore County is now offering our vendors the option of receiving payments for invoices by automatic electronic deposit to your financial institution rather than by paper check. Some of the benefits include faster receipt and deposit of payments to your bank account, no lost checks and no cost to your company.

Please complete the ACH Authorization Form and return to our office by mail, email or fax to begin receiving your payments by ACH. Upon receiving the form, a prenote (a zero payment file) will be sent to the bank to assure that the ACH payment is being made to the appropriate financial institution and account. You will receive a payment
advice detailing what is being paid and the total amount deposited into your bank account.

If you have any questions, please contact the Auditor/Treasurer's Office at 507-765-3811.


Processes all payroll deductions and employee benefits


  • Calculates and collects taxes for school districts, townships, cities, and special taxing districts
  • Prepares and mails tax notices
  • Collects current and delinquent taxes
  • Disburses tax collections to proper taxing districts
  • Tax Forfeiture Sale

For more information refer to the Property Tax section.

Vital Statistics & Licensing

  • Birth and death certificates - see more information

  • Notary Commission
    • To obtain a Notary Commission go to the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site at:
    • When you receive your commission card you will need to register your commission at the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's office if this is your resident county. 
    • Fee: $20.00 check/Money Order/Cash payable to Fillmore County
    • NOTE: Failure to register with your resident county may result in a civil penalty fee (usually larger than the county recording fee) imposed by the Commissioner of
      the Department of Commerce of Minnesota, who is responsible for the enforcement actions pertaining to a notary's misconduct
  • Minnesota Marriage licenses - Statute 517.08
    • This is a License to be married within the geographical boundaries of the State of Minnesota.
    • License is valid for 6 months. (Non-refundable)
    • Photo identification required
    • Both parties requested to be present at the time of application or 1 may apply and a supplemental form sent to the party not present.
    • Certified dissolution documents if either party has been divorced
    • Fees: check/money order/cash payable to Fillmore County $115.00 or $40.00 if documentation provided by educator that the parties have received at least 12 hours of
      premarital education per MN Statute 517.18.
    • Prohibited Marriages MN Statute 517.03
    • Note: There is a 5 day waiting period from the date of application. For concerns or to discuss how to obtain a 5 day waiver, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811
  • Marriage Certificates
    • Application - click here

    • Fee – check or money order or cash (if in person) payable to Fillmore County. $9.00 per certificate

    • Application and fee may be mailed to:   

      • Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer
        PO Box 466
        Preston, MN 55965

    • Note: Marriage Licenses may be purchased in any county to get married within the state. Where ever the license was purchased is where the certificate resides and a copy must be obtained from.

  • In addition, the Auditor/Treasurer's office issues licenses and permits for the following:
    • Auctioneer

    • Precious metal

    • Gambling

    • Liquor

    • Tobacco

    • Fireworks

    • For application requirements and fee inquiries, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811.


Election Administration and Voter Registration

  • Conducts and supervises all county elections
  • Maintains and manages voter registration records
  • Prepares ballots and provides elections supplies to voting precincts
  • Trains election judges


Property Transfers

The Auditor/Treasurer's Office is responsible for the processing of property transfers in Fillmore County and obtaining the State Deed Tax. We also accept Electronic Documents and ECRV's.

A copy of a recorded document can be obtained from the Fillmore County Recorder's Office.