Attorney FAQs

How do I apply for a public defender?

Public defender assignments are made by District Court.  Please contact 507.765.3356 for more information.

How do I file a conciliation court claim?

Court conciliation claims are handled by District Court.  Please contact 507.765.3356 for more information.

Can the County Attorney's Office help residents with a civil legal problem?

The duties of the County Attorney's Office are established by state statute.  Generally, the County Attorney's Office represents the County as a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota.  That representation includes advice to the County Board of Commissioners and the County Departments.  The County Attorney is not authorized to represent citizens in any private matters.  The County Attorney's Offices does not offer legal opinions to private individuals.  We suggest that you contact a private attorney.  Among the areas that are considered civil are landlord/tenant, boundary lines, private covenants, collection of judgments, writ of execution, wills, probate, conservatorships, orders for protection and dissolutions.

I am having difficulty with my ex-spouse or ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend regarding custody issues. Can I get the County Attorney's Office to represent me in a custody dispute?

No.  The County Attorney handles child protection cases, child support enforcement, and paternity actions.  If you simply need legal representation in a custody dispute, you may contact a legal aid program or hire a private attorney.

How can I receive child support services from Fillmore County?

If you receive public assistance, you automatically receive these services.  If you do not receive public assistance, you can apply at the Fillmore County Child Support Division.

I receive child support collections services through the Fillmore County Child Support Division. Does the County Attorney's Office represent me in actions to establish, modify or enforce support order?

No.  The County Attorney's Office represents the Child Support Division.  If you want legal representation, you can hire an attorney.