Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm
fax: 507-765-4543
Brett Corson,
County Attorney
101 Fillmore St P.O. Box 307
Preston, MN  55965

The Fillmore County Attorney is an elected position with a term of four years.  Brett Corson began his first term in 2003.

The County Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all felonies which occur in Fillmore County.  The office also prosecutes most gross misdemeanor cases and misdemeanors which occur outside of municipalities within the County.  The County Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecution of all juvenile delinquency matters wherever they occur in the County.

In addition to criminal prosecution, the Office handles all court cases involving child abuse, neglect, truancy, public guardianship, public conservatorship and child support enforcement and judicial commitments for chemical dependency and mental illness.

The County Attorney's Office also represents the Board of County Commissioners and advises all other County offices on legal matters involving the County.  The County Attorney's Office provides advice and assistance to all law enforcement personnel with respect to the investigation of crimes and offenses that occur in the County.